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The high school of Rina and "Yuna" Kurumi, Seika High School is typical of other Japanese schools, filled with clubs, teachers, and students.

Faculty of Seika HighEdit

    • is an older cousin of Rina and Yuna

    • visits with them and teaches them at school

    • teaches Japanese literature

      • was a substitute for a teacher on maternity leave but eventually became a full time teacher at the end of the manga

  • Professor Tetsuya Kobayakawa

    • age 35, is a math teacher and instructor

    • has a hatred of Rando

      • "Yuna" is blackmailing him for better math grades because as Rando he scratched some of Tetsuya's head hair off permanently

      • Now has a hatred of Yuna

    • likes high school girls but seems to bully any guy he doesn't like

  • The Principal

    • Principal of Seika High School

      • not much is known about him except he heard out Professor Kobayakawa and "Yuna's" argument

      • seems to be reasonable man

  • Ms. Kawata

    • Yuna and Rina's Physical Education teacher

  • Ms. Terade

    • Sewing teacher

    • Helped sew together Miwa's skirt when it ripped and Yuna had to leave

Clubs of Seika HighEdit

  • Karate Club
  • Judo Club
  • Sports Clubs
    • Baseball
    • Volleyball
    • Soccer
    • Track and Field

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